What bread is everyone eating

Obviously you are to used to the white pap that passes as bread. I am lucky in that I can make my own bread and I will never go back to store bought pap.
I'm with you 100% Fred. Once you've started baking your own, you recognise the cheap mass-produced stuff for the shite it is. Frankly, anyone who prefers a Warburtons sliced white to 'real' bread either has no taste buds or no teeth!
Proper sourdough has a great shelf life.

I bake my own and have a linen bag I put them in before going in the bread bin and it’ll be good for 2/3 days as sandwiches and up to a week for toast - not that it ever lasts that long.

I have heard that a lot of supermarkets are making fake sourdough and that may be why it’s not lasting.

Real sourdough bread should only have 3 ingredients - flour, water, salt. If it’s got more than that (ie Yeast) then it’s just tricking you and you get the worst of both worlds because you don’t get the health benefits of the natural leavening and you don’t have the preservatives of traditional supermarket bread.

At the end of the day though… just eat what tastes nice to you.

Sourdough still contains yeast - just yeast that is naturally occurring in the atmosphere where the starter is made.

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