Wolves - post match

City Rich

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9 Sep 2009
Not easy with 10 men away at a good team, 2-0 up against the run of play and we are in a great position, but Pep taking Kev off for Gundogan was an absolute shocker, from that moment on we had no midfielder willing to join Sterling up front and it became a game of attack vs defence, we aren't a team that can sit back and soak up pressure, we have to be a threat going forward, even if its on the counter, that option was removed once KDB got the hook.

Exactly, it invited even more pressure, should have brought foden on to give us an attacking threat.....


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28 Jun 2009
The rodents are crawling out I see...

lots of blame tonight.

you can’t excuse Ederson. You rush out and touch a player, it’s on you.

sterling was horrendous barring one moment.

otamendi, mendy and Gundogan should be ashamed. Horrible substitute by Pep, when the game needed legs.

I fear that is the performance that broke our squad tonight.

people have grossly underestimated the loss of Sane and Laporte.

leaving the captaincy to Fernandinho and David hasn’t worked either. This is Kev’s team and we need to build it on him now.

deano ou812

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14 Jul 2009
In the dugout....
we pretty much have already :-)

scary how bad they are.
I’m fuming 2-0 up and ten men,champions don’t capitulate it’s fucking embarrassing play your fucking game pass,pass,pass,move drag them all over the place all we ended up doing was lumping it,I’m serious here I’m gonna check sheff utd’s price to win at Etihad as they’ll do us or it’ll be a draw ..

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