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    Alan Turing

    I hope City get some kudos from this, if Peter Swales hadn't named the road going past our ground after Turing when he built the new stadium, the nation wouldn't even know who Alan Turing is. RIP Alan Turing, genius & hero.
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    Gary Barlow in Afghan

    The only thing that would have made me watch that Tax Thieving C*nt Barlow is if he stood on a landmine. The brass-neck on this dull bastard... he cheats the tax and probably wonders why there's no proper kit for soldiers. Then to add insult, they have to put up with listening to the twat...
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    Darren Fletcher

    Haahaha, cheers mate, I'm always happy to share.
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    Fred Talbot arrested again

    Isn't it about time the dibble started nicking Lords, MPs and members of Royalty instead of just picking off the low hanging fruit like this bellend, Fred the c*nting weather-twat? The media need to stop protecting the establishment and go after them. As for Fred, I'd shoot the fucker just for...
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    Darren Fletcher

    Cheers mate, I just thought I'd re-introduce myself with a thoughtful and considered post, not been on for a while - hope you're well.
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    Darren Fletcher

    Aah fuck him and his shit stained shorts.
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    Autumn? Anyone else enjoy?

    I'm going to take a shit in the park to celebrate our Indian Summer.
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    shin splints

    If you've got shin splints, don't wear sandals or flipflops. That is all.
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    The Clash, The Ramones or The Sex Pistols...

    The Clash. A brilliant brilliant band. Astoundly good.
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    Victor Moses

    After signing Jesus, it appears from those ITK that City are on the verge of signing Moses.
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    David Moyes(has never won a trophy) And His Coaching Staff

    If I can make a suggestion, howabout we refer to him as "NWA" (Never Won Anything)? "Straight outta Everton bad muthafucka called Moyzee... etc etc..."
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    The holiday weather thread

    Been in Brittany all week, 5 sunny days, 1 rainy. No complaints here.
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    What are you drinking right now?

    Pints of Stella on the St Malo >> Portsmouth ferry reading yesterday's Mirror.
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    Irani talking out of his **** again

    A school boy error on my part, I humbly apologise. (hangs head and cracks a beer open).
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    Irani talking out of his **** again

    This has been my favourite ever thread on Bluemoon, one with very very few disagreements, no religion, no politics, no race issues - just one common goal. Expose Irani for the cock he is and get rid of the lying plastic free-loading twat. And it worked! It bloody well worked. Loads of funny...
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