Chelsea (a) post-match thread


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28 Mar 2010
Hope they enjoy giving the guard of honor they earned today.

Love this team but there’s a lot of work to be done on the squad


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5 Jan 2008
Can’t remember the last time I was so unarsed about a defeat

Whatever the result tonight it would have made no difference whatsoever to where us and the scouse tramps would finish

It was always a big ask to expect us to win tonight in our 3rd game in a week after not playing for 3 months and then chuck in the 25c heat at kick off. In fact I wouldn’t have been surprised to see us get a bit of a pasting but instead we controlled the game and should have won it if it wasn’t for the usual shite finishing and brain fart defending

I’ll actually take a couple of positives. They can’t win it at ours now and it makes the rags quest for 4th harder. Yeah we’ll have to do a guard of honour but it might give them a kick up the arse and anyway I won’t be switching on until 1 second before kick off. Then hopefully we’ll destroy them as the motivation won’t be there for them

Finally how shit must it be to celebrate a title win by having a koppaberg in your back
Garden with the missus lol


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29 May 2019
I just can't find the energy to care lol. In fact, if anything, I can find the humour in it. Enough time has passed in this season for me to come to terms with every single issue we saw on display tonight. There's just no point getting wound up over these remaining league games; managing fitness is the main priority. Everything else will be addressed in the transfer window.

No striker hurt us today (just like it did last season at the Bridge, funnily enough) but ultimately one of the games out of Chelsea, Newcastle, or Liverpool had to have Gabby rested and this one made the most sense, so I can't be too critical. And as I said, we've known about the defensive issues for months now, so.... It is what it is. Makes the rags' lives a bit more difficult and that's fine by me.


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20 Feb 2010
Take a well earned break from the PL city.

we’ve been the best team bar none for a long time easy, let them have their 5 minutes, and come back stronger

class is permanent


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13 Apr 2011
We ll finished 2nd in the season when overall quality of teams apart from The Dippers (and maybe us) hit rock bottom. For me personally this is lower quality than the season when Leicester City won and we still managed to lose eight far. We might still be on track to win three trophies this season and I didn't see the games against Arsenal and Burnley, but this tonight was just disgusting.
I've read that " quality " argument too many time on Rag cafe / Rawk don't...just don't go there.


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4 Jun 2009
Poor season overall. Blighted with key injuries, loss of a talisman and poor decisions in the transfer market. You know what..... I'll take that because it wasnt long ago winning the League Cup would've been a successful season and that's exactly what we have done. Not only that we have a good chance at 2 more cups. And the last two years have been spectacular in terms of rewards, so I cant complain too much really. Doesnt mean it doesnt leave a bad taste, but hey ho I've known worse times supporting City.
To suggest that this is a poor season overall shows how spoilt we have become.

We are comfortably second in the league, won a domestic trophy and still involved in the CL and FA cup.

Liverpool have been relentless and a step above us with their consistency this season. Both of us dominate teams and score plenty of goals. Football wise there is not much between us. They simply haven’t made the mistakes we have.

That doesn’t mean we have been poor though. Average by our standards I would agree with but not poor.


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5 Feb 2014
Yorkshire. Jumeirah. Estepona.
Team supported
Manchester City.
Oh come on, having a moan and calling players when they play shit has been going on since football was invented. I heard it from my very first visit to main road in the 60's and every visit to City since. And the praise when things go right. Just it's set in stone on the matchday forum, at the match the comment disappears into the ether.
We lost a ‘meaningless’ game, after giving away two stupid goals in a poor performance.

The aggressive tone of abuse by some on here only confirms their lack of understanding of elite sport.....nobody wins all the time.

They’ve been spoilt by the most successful football team in England for the last ten years, but shhhhh, don’t tell them, they don’t realise It yet !!


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23 Sep 2010
I think 3 games in 8 days with another to come at the weekend after a 3 month break is a big ask. That said the mistakes that the same players keep on making are inexcusable. Yes Mendy I’m talking about you.

8 losses including two to that shower of shite is a huge fall from where we have been this last 2 seasons and we have a lot of work to do now with Silva going, Sane going and Aguero likely on his last legs next season with Fern at 35 years old.

Rodri needs to up his game as I’m not seeing a £64m player in him and Bernando needs to refind his form quickly.

If we win another cup then it will have been another successful season but much work to do in the summer.


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1 Aug 2011
Sterling had to shoot, I don’t know any player on the planet who’d of passed.
Missing was the problem.

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