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Would you be happy if City joined this European Super League?

  • Yes

    Votes: 99 5.0%
  • No

    Votes: 1,888 95.0%

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stan bowles

Well-Known Member
28 Jul 2012
Stop talking paranoid rubbish about things you don't know anything about. I keep telling you that it doesn't matter who is chairman or vice chairman. What matter is voting rights and vetoes. Not a cat in hell's chance City ahve signed up to this without equlivalent status to every other club. No chance.
Still worth remembering that we have more enemies at the top table than allies. We won't have a veto. It'll be down to majority voting so even if we object to decisions we don't agree with, they will still be voted on and passed if the others want it.

Didsbury Dave

Well-Known Member
1 Feb 2007
I think the only thing stopping mass protests is the pandemic and the rules surrounding protests but I believe there is enough of a groundswell amongst match going fans to want to make a stand on this, whether that's in the form of a protest or something else. You can tell from the poll on here that the vast majority of match-going fans are against this idea, and I suspect the numbers are similar amongst match-going fans at all the other clubs too. I think the clubs have misread this one spectacularly because if huge percentages of regular match-goers are saying they won't attend games in this competition then these games genuinely will be played in front of half empty stadia or worse. It's one thing a few hundred or a couple of thousand fans voting with their feet, as the clubs can probably find enough fans to take up the slack, but if tens of thousands do it there's not a chance any of these clubs - not even United or Liverpool with their huge global support bases - will be able to fill their stadiums. Don't get me wrong, I think a few dissenters will cave in over time as the hysteria dies down, but I honestly believe many fans will stick to their guns on this.
You might raise an interesting point: the pandemic may put a lid on the protests. It depends how long before this in intended to be implemented. What I do know about fan protests is that they are often a bit weak because the only really effective one would be to boycott games but fans never want to do that so you end up with a few hundred turning their backs or arriving late or whatever.

To stop this would require the biggest mobilisation of football fans ever - even more than identity cards in the 80s. The ultimately loyalty of fans might kill it off. Will 10,000 Burnley fans give up their season tickets over this? No. They'll just sing a few angry songs and rant about it in the pub.


Well-Known Member
7 Nov 2010
Got to hand it to Jose, it's a brilliant move, tell Levy to stuff the Super League and walk away with a nice pension pot.
Hes not been sacked because of the super league. Jose might spin the media that way but its not true. Levy cant just drive to the training ground and sack him on the spot like the apprentice. This has been in the works for weeks, discussions with lawyers and agents going back and forth on a severance package etc.


Well-Known Member
1 Mar 2019
Somewhere between Denton Gorton and Reddish (DGR)
Team supported
Sadly (can't believe I wrote that) Ferguson has no pull whatsoever anymore.
Think you meant “you” well done.
And what influences do you think will have “pull”
The point of my post was not to nominate Pisscan as a “saviour” but I (“me”) believe he does have pull you clearly underestimate the network this man has, doesn’t necessarily mean he as an individual is going to storm into someone’s office shouting “stop this at once” ffs

Esteban de la Sexface

Well-Known Member
2 May 2008
Well said!
Have the booers forgotten what they were booing for??
This is the ultimate two fingered feck off to UEFA and all it’s corruption.
Personally I would welcome seeing the best clubs in the world with the best players doing battle in a league.
I very much doubt the national federations and UEFA will be able to sustain national leagues without the big clubs included as financially this will not be sustainable for them and will hugely diminish the importance of the leagues.
If this is all just a bargaining gambit to wrestle power from UEFA I am also in favour of it. They’re rotten to the core and need showing who earns their wages for them.
Screw UEFA!
a big fuck off to UEFA and in parallel a big fuck off to all real fans. It's a money grab. opportunistic and crass. It's absolutely disgusting


Well-Known Member
18 Jan 2009
If it wasn’t for covid, us “legacy fans” could all get together and make our feelings be known. The cup final would have been the perfect stage for it. City and Spurs fans united.

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