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Would you be happy if City joined this European Super League?

  • Yes

    Votes: 99 5.0%
  • No

    Votes: 1,888 95.0%

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8 Jul 2007
Team supported
City of course
This proposal is likely to be against UK and EU competition law and will be outlawed
I'm ashamed of City joining in with this and it has tarnished all the clubs involved

I'm part of a family that has supported City since 1901, 5 generations and this is a betrayal of the support that Manchester families for generations have given this club through thick and thin we were there when the club needed us and clearly our owners don't understand this Such a sad day

Pablo ZZZ Peroni

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19 May 2014
I very much doubt that there is anything governments / regulators can do to stop this.

People are already filling this thread and no doubt social media with all sorts of ill informed and over emotional nonsense.

I'll keep reiterating that I am not in favour of this development but I have no doubt that if it goes ahead, and I think it probably will, City need to be involved.

Probably already said earlier in the thread but reported that City and Chelsea were very much backed into a corner in a now or never way.


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7 Nov 2010
So you’re slagging Bayern for doing this?!
Couldn't give two fucks about Bayern but after the years of abuse they have thrown at us (Bayern by far the worst club remember) we are now seeing people championing them as the "right way". No fucking way.

As I said, they probably tried to give it billy big bollocks in the super league chat as well and got told to fuck off so they have gone sulking back to UEFA now. A closed shop to win the CL every year suits them perfectly. They take most of their players for free anyway and earn fortunes through Audi etc so don't need the money.


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23 Jan 2012
Valley of the Shadows
I just read a an article where its says -
Sources close to several clubs say their research shows that younger supporters want to see more games between the world’s most famous clubs and players and the clubs are responding to the trends.

Do our younger fans agree with this- I would be considered as an older supporter, and to me playing them over and over again would be boring. I personally like playing different teams in different places, that you get in the early rounds of the Chumps league.
If thats the case...

Then there is no way that this research was just UK based - they have reached out on a global basis - with surveys that we didn't even know were out there


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10 Oct 2008
I really can't get my thoughts together on this. So thanks to you lot for offering up your ideas and opinions.

I just don't understand why they didn't wait for the league and cups to be over before breaking this.
They clearly wanted to get this out there before the planned announcement from UEFA today re the revamp of the CL.

Robinho's Subbuteo

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18 Jan 2009
Off you go day Dave. Enjoy your Super League games. Just make sure you make as much noise as possible, as there won't be many there like you.

If you see someone setting themselves alight outisde the Etihad before the Super League match, don't worry about it. Just get yourself in the ground for kick off.
Now you're getting it. The money in the game today comes from TV rights, for which people will continue to pay in their tens of millions.

Then, because there are tens of millions watching it on TV or on their devices, the sponsorships will top that up with even more hundreds of millions.

Sadly, extremely sadly, money from fans represents a small amount in the grand scheme of things.
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