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Would you be happy if City joined this European Super League?

  • Yes

    Votes: 109 5.3%
  • No

    Votes: 1,953 94.7%

  • Total voters


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25 Nov 2008
Keeping the status quo didn’t exist as an option though - that’s my whole point.

You had this morally bankrupt ESL option, or UEFA’s revamped and equally morally abhorrent shit show of a proposal to make a call between.

Choose the devil you want to dance with.

There was no continuity option!

The two options you have outlined are a direct consequence of clubs behaving like City, Liverpool and United and putting their own agendas above the interests of the good of football.

So if their is no choice its because of our own greed.


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3 Dec 2013
I heard him speak about it - don't even think he knows anything about the game tbh - at least Call Me Dave tried to put up the idea that he was a supporter until he mixed up his Villa and his West Ham
yes lol, And also Tony Blair pretending he used to watch Jackie Milburn at Newcastle. I think very few of them really follow a club. Just looking for some publicity that they think is relevant to the rest of us.

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